Wrote In Message News:qU*****@bignews5.bellsouth.net Can Anyone Tell Me How I Can Write HTML To A WebBrowser Control In Visual Basic 6? I Want To Display HTML In The Browser That Is Generated From Within VBA (Visual Basic For Applications) Exists Within Word, Access, Outlook, Publisher, And Other Microsoft Products, Too. VBA Is Almost Identical To Visual Basic, A Common Programming Language For Creating .exe Windows Programs. But We Love Excel For Its Myriad Business Uses… Parsing, Sorting, Presenting, And Storing Data… So I Find Myself What I'm Trying To Do Is The Following. I Have A WebBrowser Control Hosted Inside A VB5/VB6 Form. The WebBrowser Control Loads A HTML Page And In That HTML Page I Want To Be Able To Query The Hosting VB5/VB6 Application For Some Variables Through JavaScript (or Any Other Means). For Instance, In The HTML Page: